The Buttonwood Park Zoo is asking for the public’s help to name the baby red panda born in June. The first of this endangered species to be born at the Zoo, the male cub will join his parents in their spacious habitat sometime this fall. The cub, and his parents Jacob and Marie, are part of the Zoo’s efforts to cooperatively manage threatened and endangered species by participating in international Species Survival Plans. BPZ announced that Jacob and Marie are proud parents of a baby boy earlier this month.

Buttonwood Park Zoo
Buttonwood Park Zoo

The Zoo let the public suggest names for this little guy as part of a fundraiser. Dozens of names were submitted for consideration, and five have been selected for the public vote:

  1. Tiago - Portuguese for Jacob
  2. Herman Melville - In honor of the author of Moby Dick and an ode to New Bedford’s whaling history
  3. Rudy - Because he’s red and in reference to the movie Rudy, where the character overcomes great odds to succeed.
  4. Kodo – meaning “grain” in Nepalese, the language of the red panda’s native habitat.
  5. Theo – In honor of Theodore Roosevelt, founder of the National Parks.

Everyone is urged to participate and may vote by clicking on this LINK to the "Red Panda Cub Naming Contest" page. Vote for your favorite name by selecting one from the dropdown menu. Voting ends on Tuesday, September 1.

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