Two Westport residents have been taken into custody in connection to a severely matted dog that was seen wondering the streets last week.

ABC6 is reporting that Westport Police arrested 42-year-old Thomas Burke and 43-year-old Kerry Burke Tuesday morning after a severely-matted and urine-soaked dog was found stumbling around the areas of Sanford Rd. and Milk Ave. on June 5.

The dog, which had no collar, markings or identification was determined to be an 8-year-old female Brussels Griffin by the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Officials say the dog, which was named "Jersey" had to have enucleation surgery, rendering her permanently blind. She also needs her bladder stones removed, along with significant dental treatments.

The medical treatments are estimated to cost between $3,000-$4,000.

The two suspects were scheduled to go before a judge on Tuesday.