How intimidated would King George have felt had he received the Declaration of Independence from some anonymous resistance protesters who had infiltrated the Continental Congress, rather than 56 brave American patriots who had the guts to sign the document?

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Imagine the impact of the U.S. Constitution had it stated "We the Anonymous" rather than "We the People." Or how about if the bold proclamation "Give me liberty or give me death" was delivered in 1775 by the Unknown Patriot as opposed to Virginia delegate Patrick Henry?

Rather cowardly, no?

The fact that the resistance has infiltrated the White House should not come as a surprise to anyone. It has been there since before Donald Trump took the oath of office. What is amazing is that the New York Times would publish an anonymous letter from a member of the resistance who claims to be interested in the public good, all the while suggesting that the government is unstable.

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Why would folks with deep concerns about the goings on within the White House walls speak off the record to Bob Woodward for his new book? Why would he publish such outrageous allegations without wanting to provide attribution for purposes of credibility?

If everyone is so damn interested in protecting me, why won't they tell me who they are? Why is nothing attributable?

I have a theory about all of this. Either the gutless wonders cannot verify the information they leak, they are too much the coward to put their name too it, or they are simply working to undermine a legitimately elected government. I suspect all three elements are in play here.

The American people are smart enough to know that when a "bombshell" from anonymous sources is reported by the mainstream press these days, it is simply FAKE NEWS and designed to undermine the government.

If the source of this information was a true patriot, he or she would put their name to it.

If not, don't waste my time.

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