Jake Brusseau, 24, and Sabrina Harding, 23, were arrested after both dead and sick animals were discovered in this house of horrors. A report was made to police about a foul odor coming from the house.

Almost two dozen dead animals and another two dozen malnourished animals were found at the South Second Street home. There wasn't a trace of water and very little food. Many were found dead in their cages, a depressing sight to behold.

WCVB reports that Harding got the animals through Craigslist and auctions for free, promising to the owners that she would take care of the animals. In reality, she'd try selling them for profit and left them for dead when their time was up.

"Brousseau and Harding will be formally charged with numerous counts of animal cruelty in District Court on Thursday."

God bless those poor little souls. They didn't have a chance with these monsters. Please be wary who you purchase pets from, and who you sell them to. No creature deserves to be treated like this.