I never understood the mindset of those who use Craigslist, but it's fascinating.

Between the "Missed Connections" and the service forums, it can get pretty spicy at times and just plain weird. Now, I've never used Craigslist to sell or buy anything before, so I don't want to knock it before trying it. However, after discovering this little gem out of Fairhaven, I'm back to my skepticism.

It's by far the most bizarre apology letter I have ever read and it comes to us right from Fairhaven, specifically between Huttleston Avenue and Sconticut Neck Road. I still can't tell if the anonymous Craigslist posting was serious or sarcastic, but here's what it said:

"My sincere apologies to the man who accidentally broke a can of spray paint at my workplace last night. Although I didn’t say anything to you, I think you left because I didn’t say anything nice, either - and for that, I’m truly sorry."

Alright, let's all just take a step back for a minute and analyze what we just read, because there's a fine line of sarcastic overtones that could very well just be a "hey, #$^% you for spilling paint" type of vibe. On the other hand, it could have been something as innocent as thinking out loud. This person might have seen the mess and loudly uttered an obscenity that could have insulted or embarrassed the customer, resulting in their exit stage left.

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There's no telling which business this happened at other than the fact that it listed Huttleston and Sconticut below the listing:


That leaves us with Rocky's Ace Hardware in the Stop & Shop plaza, the Tractor Supply off of Huttleston, or perhaps Walmart, which is set a little further back, but the map coordinates could have been off a little.

Either way, if this is a sincere apology, regardless if it's a bit unorthodox, I'd prefer to give it the limelight it deserves. This person is clearly extending some form of an apology so why not pull it from the shadows of Craigslist for a better reach?

I'm considering this my good deed for the day, but I'm still left clueless. If you know who this person is, please reach out to me at Gazelle@Fun107.com to potentially gather the full story behind this strange Craigslist post.

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