"It's wrong." That was the general consensus of a few West End residents during Tuesday evening's meeting discussing the relocation of an AM radio tower.

The meeting was held at the Lawler Library where there was a presentation of the proposed relocation.

Residents voiced great concern about this tower coming to their neighborhood in a parcel of land adjacent to St. Mary's Cemetery. Ward Five City Councilor Kerry Winterson says their biggest concern is a lack of communication...

Other concerns are the health risks associated with the tower, it's appearance, and the possibility of property taxes dropping.

Bill White from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center says the relocation is an essential part in the completion of the New Bedford Commerce Terminal. He says after hearing from residents, his group will take a closer look at if there are any alternatives.

However, engineers in attendance noted that they were surprised to even find this location and don't think there is any other due to multiple requirements involved with the relocation project.

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