She was never going to win. Not in the Democratic primary and certainly not in November when the incumbent president would be waiting. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) had a connection problem with the public.

It is profoundly difficult to watch her attempts to be one of "us."

Like her awkward attempt to invite the little guy to have a beer with her, a schtick that never took root. Her New Year's Eve live video feed went over about as good as a high school freshman trying her first sip of beer which happened to be a warm, skunked Haffenrefer.

She pretty much attempted to be Bernie in a skirt, meaning she was saying the same things as him for the most part, but knowing full well the perception that she and Bernie's far-left base had a low ceiling for backing yet another white male to the White House.

Warren believed it was the right time for her to run for president because it was the right time for women. This is a #MeToo window of time. Warren felt entitled to take a shot, not just as any woman, but in trying to pass herself off as a Native-American woman. Minority status adds to the perceived appeal of the far-left. This was quickly debunked and demolished when she felt forced to provide the public with DNA evidence to prove her true ethnicity.

As it turns out, she does have American Indian blood in her: 1/1,024th to be exact. A "token" Native American gene, if you will.

She eeked past that debacle with the AAA political cover provided by the liberal media and from intellectually dishonest vetting sources such as FactCheck, whose characterization of President Trump's understanding was almost as embarrassing for them as Warren's humiliating outing as a European American. In fact, in Massachusetts, we'd say she's wicked white.

The author of that vetting was Jessica MacDonald, and I would look out the window if she volunteered the weather outside to me after this piece.

Does anyone suppose that MacDonald would call Warren a liar if she said the audience in front of Donald Trump was whites-only if 1,023 in the crowd were white and one minority was there as well?

Fast forward to March 2020 and Warren is about to be cast aside, leaving the "diverse" obsessed liberals with basically three candidates with any real chance to win the Democratic nomination. Three rich, old white men: Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, and Joe Biden.

Warren will retreat back to the state she represents. She won the seat in 2018 after assuring her constituents that she was not running for the presidency. Now back in the Bay State, she has a horrible resumé of showing how effective she's been for Massachusetts.

She has beaten up the banks, the rich, the religious pro-life, and energy companies in her national positions, but compare her performance of bringing tangible federal money here and she has a clearly failing grade.

Ted Kennedy worked circles around her. Heck, Scott Brown did as well. I would even venture to say my old radio political nemesis, Democrat Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts' Fourth District, delivered 20 times the dough to Massachusetts in his last eight years than everything Warren can claim she fought for and brought here in her first 10 years – and that's with the uneven weight of a U.S. Senator.

She has been comparatively useless to the people Massachusetts and only useful to the Democratic Party for purposes of holding a seat against Republicans.

Warren will have over five-and-a-half years to change a lot of this misuse of her position in government. Let's see how she adjusts.

Ken Pittman is the host of The Ken Pittman Show on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. Contact him at The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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