Fire Chief Kevin A. Gallagher gave a statement on the Acushnet Fire & EMS Department's Facebook page, thoroughly explaining the situation and making the public aware of the seriousness of such an accusation.

"On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, I was informed by Acushnet Town Administrator Alan Coutinho that the office of the Board of Selectmen received a telephone call from a male, who refused to identify himself, reporting that he had witnessed the ambulance duty crew stop the previous night at Jason’s Variety at approximately 7:00PM. The unidentified caller adamantly stated that he witnessed the crew purchase beer and wine then place these items to the ambulance and drive away. The caller further reported that he followed the ambulance to a private residence. I immediately contacted the two crew members who, in separate conversations, stated that they indeed stopped at Jason’s Variety and purchased one linguica roll, one soda and one ice tea. The crew states that after making these purchases they went to the Acushnet home of one of the crew members to retrieve his dinner then returned to our Middle Road station. I then contacted Acushnet Police Chief Michael Alves who dispatched a detective to investigate. The detective confirmed, through interviews and by reviewing security camera footage, that the ambulance crew did stop at the store and purchased one linguisa roll, one soda and one ice tea.
This allegation has been proven to be false. While I cannot imagine the motivation behind making such a false claim, I am deeply concerned over the possible tarnishing of the reputation of the employees involved. Our staff is simply above reproach both professionally and personally. That is the type of person we employ. As you can see, any question about improper actions is immediately investigated. While I can assure you of the facts, I cannot stop rumors from spreading. But you can by sharing this post."

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