It's not every day you see a cat climb all the way to the top of a telephone pole, but one crazy kitty did just that and as you can probably guess, couldn't get back down again.

We've all heard of cats getting stuck in trees and the cliché of firefighters using their truck ladders to rescue them. Well, recently in Springfield, that really happened -- kind of.

It wasn't the stereotypical tree, but rather a towering telephone pole that this cat managed to climb atop. Though once he was there, he had no way down.

In a video captured by Drew Garrett, a resident of Springfield, you can see that the cat somehow made it to the tippity top of a utility pole on Thursday, only to have the local city firefighters come to its rescue.

Typical cat. It didn't look appreciative of the help that came its way. The cat even appears to use its claws to hold onto the utility pole before the firefighter up there manages to pull him loose.

Granted, the cat was likely pretty scared of its situation at that moment. But we all know how aloof cats can be, even when you're the one doing them a favor.

Whether the furry guy meowed a 'thank you' or not, he did make it down safely from the pole and was reunited with his very relieved family.

Awesome work by Truck-3 group C at the Springfield Fire Department, though I'm sure they don't want to make a habit of rescuing cats all day.

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