NEW BEDFORD — At a press conference slated for this afternoon, ABC Disposal will announce a new policy when it comes to picking up recyclable materials in New Bedford.

ABC will begin to reject any recycling carts placed for collection by city residents that contain non-recyclable materials. Those rejected carts will be stickered with a rejection sticker.

Courtesy George Leontire
Courtesy George Leontire

CEO Mike Camara said "uncontrollable circumstances" beyond ABC's control has resulted in the doubling of fees ABC is required to pay to dispose of New Bedford residents' recyclables, and that ABC will now be charged up to an additional 50 percent tipping fee surcharge if any recyclables contain non-recyclable materials.

The attorney representing ABC Disposal, George Leontire, told WBSM that the surcharge is the result of China's action to stop accepting recycling material. He added that China's actions have thrown the worldwide recycling industry into a disarray, as China had been receiving 55 percent of the world's recyclables.

ABC had requested the City of New Bedford pay the surcharge to allow the company to collect mixed recyclable materials. The city refused, and Leontire says as per its contract with the city, ABC will begin to reject the carts containing any non-recyclable materials.

Regarding the announcement by ABC, New Mayor Jon Mitchell released the following statement:    “We will continue to protect the interests of New Bedford’s taxpayers, who depend on trash and recycling pickup, and to ensure that ABC does not breach its service obligations to our residents. If any resident is uncertain about which items are recyclable, we encourage them to visit the City website for a complete listing.”

A list of what is considered recyclable material can be seen by clicking HERE.

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