Get ready! Beginning in April, the early mornings and late nights will be splashed soon with meteor showers.

According to Ifl Science, “the Eta Aquarids will start around April 20 and will continue right up until May 21. The best time to view them will be in the small hours between May 5 and 7, when the sky will be the darkest during the new Moon.”

The specks and flecks that you will be seeing are tiny pieces of debris from Hailey's Comet hitting Earth’s atmosphere and burning up. They’re called the Eta Aquarids as they appear to emerge from the constellation of Aquarius.

However, the shower will be more visible to catch in the southern hemisphere, but for us in the northern hemisphere, we can still see up to 10 meteors every hour.

Check with UMD’s Observatory website with the Astronomical Society of Southern New England to see if there if you can see these through their telescopes.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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