People all across the Eastern United States and Canada were able to see a meteor streak across their night sky over the weekend.

The American Meteor Society received 263 reports of a bright meteor just after midnight on Saturday morning. Three of those reports came from Massachusetts, in Attleboro, Sturbridge and Millis.

Security camera footage from many witnesses shows the moment the bright fireball streaked across the sky, bringing shocking flashes of light with it. Perhaps the most telling video of the event came from Nathan Lis in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, an hour and a half outside of Philadelphia. Just watch how his entire yard lights up as the meteor streaks by.

Reports of the fireball came from as far north as Quebec, Canada, and as far south as North Carolina. Given how clear the weather conditions were over the weekend on the SouthCoast, chances are, it was probably visible in southern Massachusetts as well.

Did you see the meteor with your own eyes? Or better yet, did you happen to catch it on your home's security cams? If so, we'd love to hear your firsthand account and see your footage. Shoot us a message inside the Fun 107 app and let us know.

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You can also check out and read through all of the reports from Saturday's meteor sighting online through the American Meteory Society's website.

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