I saw the meteor that passed over the New England region last night.

I have always read about weird sightings and occurrences in the night sky but have never actually witnesses anything with my own eyes.  Until yesterday that is.

It happened at around 5:50pm as I was driving north on Ashley Boulevard near Voc.  Out of nowhere this Irish green light appeared in the southwest sky and quickly created a solid arc of almost neon green as it traveled to the northeast.  It almost appeared to come down somewhere in the area of Campbell School but, I now realize that was just an illusion as the meteor was spotted as far north as Canada a short time later.

My first instinct was that something had taken off from the airport nearby and was in serious jeopardy.  When I heard no crash and there was no flash that might be associated with an explosion I dismissed it as some sort of pre-New Years' Eve fireworks.

It wasn't until this morning when I read in the Boston Herald that a meteor, about the size of a golf ball created a green glow as it streaked through the sky that I realized what I had witnessed.   Apparently it was  seen from Massachusetts to southeastern Canada as it passed by at between 10 and 30 miles per second some 20 to 30 miles above the Earth.

Did anyone else see it?  What were your thoughts as it whizzed on by?

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