One of the things about living on the SouthCoast is that sometimes we fail to appreciate all there is to do here on the SouthCoast. While many others are planning their vacations around all this area has to offer, we get to enjoy it all the time. But what are the all-important SouthCoast things we should be doing?

Our little corner of the world is full of history, celebrity, family fun and food you just can't find anywhere. Just try discussing whaling with anyone from the Midwest. Ask someone from California if they have had a cheese roll this week. Chances are you'd get some very strange looks, but when you mention those things around here, people know exactly what you're talking about.

We have the largest Portuguese feast in the world, a water park that has appeared in two major motion pictures and go-karts that have been going around their track for over half a century.

That is what we love about the SouthCoast. All the stuff that is just so us, the stuff that you see and say "yeah, I've done that." So we have made a list of some of that stuff, the things every local can probably say they've done.

From local museums you may not have been to since you were a kid to unique statues that you can only see around here, these are the things we felt every local should do at least once (if not more).

30 SouthCoast Things Every Local Should Do at Least Once

Whether you are new to the area or have been living here your entire life, there are lots of local things that can only be experienced on the SouthCoast – and hopefully you've tried them all at least once.

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