A 14-year-old has been arrested on allegations that he called police on May 12 and falsely reported an active shooting at Wesport High School.

Detective Sgt. Antonio Cestodio says this is the worst type of call people in law enforcement want to get and to find out it was a hoax is extremely frustrating.

"This is the last call we ever want to get," says Cestodio "it's challenging to those types of calls and respond to them especially when you find out it's a hoax."

In addition to the frustration Cestodio says the hoax phone call also cost the town roughly $3,000.

"Not only was there money spent in the response to the call itself but also there was quite a bit of time spent on the investigation," says Cestodio.

The unnamed juvenile is charged with two counts of filing a false report of a firearm, weapon or bomb, two counts of filing a false report of a crime, and two counts of communicating a false report to a public safety answering point

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