On June 16, a group of Westport High School seniors finished off their year on a good note. What was originally supposed to be a gloomy ending turned into a fun prom experience they'll never forget.

Thanks to a couple of local moms from Westport, the seniors were able to have a prom when the Westport High School administration decided against it when Covid regulations were still in effect.

Chari Hurley and Mindi Bennivedse both have daughters – Julia and Faith, respectively – who recently graduated from Westport High and the moms wanted to give them the night of their lives. Together they organized a small event that was open to anyone who was a Westport senior. Thanks to a GoFundMe page, the students were able to get a free ticket from the money raised from local residents, businesses, friends and family.

As the GoFund me exceeded their goal, the leftover money that was to be used for the private event was given to each high schooler in the amount of $100 to Amazon to help pay for their books in the up and coming college year.

Photo Courtesy of K. Garcia Productions
Photo Courtesy of K. Garcia Productions

The prom included a full buffet, a photographer to help capture the memories, and myself as the DJ so the kids could dance the night away. Everyone was also allowed to bring a date/guest at no cost as well.

"The night was great," Hurley said. "It went better than we could have even hoped for. We were just excited that the kids got the opportunity to have one more chance to get together to have a little bit of a normal end to a very abnormal senior year."

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Hurley and Bennivedse made sure the safety of the group of kids were their first priority and even bought a breathalyzer to ensure that no alcohol was consumed on the premises.

Photo Courtesy of K. Garcia Productions
Photo Courtesy of K. Garcia Productions

In the end, the prom was not only a success, but a night these seniors will never forget as they progress forward and prepare for college.

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