The atmosphere at Westport Elementary School was charged with excitement last week with summer vacation right around the corner.

Before the year ended, teachers had a special surprise in store for their kids.

In a display of creativity and dedication, teachers and staff crafted a memorable farewell: a parody of "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas.

Their version was appropriately titled "Gotta Keep Reading."

The parody song, infused with educational themes, emphasizes the importance of reading all summer. The catchy tune, paired with choreographed dance moves, showcased the behind-the-scenes effort and commitment of the educators.

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As students and staff parted ways for the summer, the final message of "Gotta Keep Reading" resonated with everyone, reminding the students that education doesn't end when the school doors close.

In the spirit of celebration and encouragement, Westport Elementary set the tone for a summer filled with relaxation, fun and continued learning.

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