The 100th day of school has always been something to celebrate. It's the marker that we are well over the halfway point in the school year and that there are only have 80 days left.

As kids, we took advantage of the fact that the 100th day of school always fell sometime around Valentine's Day and glued 100 candy hearts to a piece of paper in the shape of a bigger heart. Or make necklaces out of 100 painted noodles to give to our friends for the occasion.

The celebrations have grown since those days. Last week, we asked our listeners to share their 100th day of school photos with us and we cannot stop smiling over these pictures. For an actual total of 104 photos, enjoy the gallery of little kids dressed as 100-year-old students at local elementary schools! You may find a teacher or two joining in the fun.

100 Cute Photos from the 100th Day of School

With additional reporting by Darian Barreto.

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