So like much of America, I'm not exactly sure what to make of Bruce Jenner and his impending transition into what he referred to as "Her."
I'm no armchair psychologist, but I just seem to have difficulty believing that Jenner is fully committed to the possibility of gender reassignment, and that he feels that becoming a woman will allow him to be who he really feels he is on the inside.

I just can't shake the feeling that it's all a publicity stunt.
The Jenners and the Kardashians aren't exactly known for honesty and introspection, so it's hard to take anything any one of them says without a 50-pound bag of salt, let alone a single grain.

Jenner told Diane Sawyer that he's always identified with being a woman, from the time he wore his mother's or sister's dresses as a young boy. He said it was something he did even after becoming an Olympic gold medalist and "the world's greatest athlete," often dressing up in women's clothes in hotel rooms while on tour as a motivational speaker.

He also stressed that he loves women, and that he is not gay.

If he feels he has always been a woman--which he stated--then isn't he indeed gay, if he prefers other women?

The whole situation gets a bit convoluted, but one thing I could tell from Jenner's demeanor and comments is that he likely hasn't thought everything completely through. I hope it wasn't just a matter of some producer getting in his ear and telling him, "Hey Bruce, all that surgery is making you look a little feminine--what if we went full-out and got your your own E! series following your sex change? It'll be huge and we'll make a ton of money!"

Either way, I can't look at that face above and still feel that it is the same inspirational athlete who had his arms high in the arm on my Wheaties box as a kid. I'm not sure if that makes me insensitive, because I'm sure others see him more inspirational now than ever, but I blame it more on the family's love of sensational attention than anything else.

What do you think?