winter Storms

Mass. Tax Revenues Take Hit From Winter Storms
Massachusetts roads, public transportation and patience weren't the only things stressed during this winter's punishing snowfalls.
The state's tax returns also took a hit.
Revenue Commissioner Mark Nunnelly said Friday that the state's sales and use taxes are lagging ``undoubtedly …
Snow Takes Toll On Local Businesses
This winter has been tough on businesses all across the city.
Mike Melo owns M&C Cafe on Belleville Ave. in the north end and the recent spat of snow storms has left him and his customers with few options when it comes to parking.
New Bedford Has Adequate Road Salt Supply
Communities up and down the East Coast are hoping the worst of this winter is behind us.  That's because producers of road salt are having a hard time keeping up with demand.  In New Bedford, D-P-I Commissioner Ron Labelle tells WBSM News, the city has about 700 tons of road salt on h…