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Miller Lite Cooler Selfie Contest [PHOTOS]
Thanks to Miller Lite for sponsoring our Sun of a Beach Music Festival and giving us super fun stuff to give away to everyone!  As promised, these #MillerTime photos from Sun of a Beach earned these folks a chance to win our cool, remote controlled Miller Lite Cooler.
Bob Marley Kayak Karaoke [VIDEO]
These brave individuals will risk it all for adventure. Even sing a few lines from Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" at our Sun of a Beach festival last weekend. What's on the line? Their chance at getting a couple of kayaks courtesy of Miller Lite...
What to Bring to the Sun of a Beach Festival
Sun of a Beach is just around the corner and with tons of tickets already sold,  we're sure a lot of you have questions about what to bring with you and what to leave home.  Here's our list of things you need to know before you go.
Parking and Directions for Sun of a Beach Festival
One of the toughest things about going somewhere is figuring out where to park. Do you have to leave an hour early to find parking, are you going to get a ticket -or worse- towed?  Am I going to have to park a mile away and walk?!  We know what it's like so we've done our best to…
Craig DeMelo at Sun of A Beach [VIDEOS]
Craig DeMelo is a big name in this area. We are so excited to see this MA resident perform live at Sun of A Beach in a couple of weeks. If you haven't heard of him yet, here are a few songs you can expect The Whiskey Poet to play. All these videos are from last year's performance at the Ca…
Sunburn Art is Real & Dangerous
Apparently this thing called "sunburn art" is trending on Twitter. People are posting pictures of the sun-made designs on their bodies, due to carefully applying sunscreen in the shape of flowers and Batman signs. They allow the rest of their body to burn, while the artfully create…

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