National Grid

Power Restored Across Downtown Providence
Power has been restored across downtown Providence after a squirrel got into equipment at an electric substation causing an outage that darkened city hall, federal and state courthouses, and businesses with thousands of workers.
Traffic lights were also out knocked out by Tuesday's outage, and fire c…
NStar Rates Will Likely Increase
National Grid is announcing rate increases up to 37% more than a customer's typical bill.
NStar customers may be in for similar increases as well. NStar spokesman Mike Durand tells WBSM News with more coal-fired power plants across the region closing, the demand for natural gas is quite high, bu…
Massachusetts Electric Rates Shoot Up 37 Percent
Many Massachusetts households are going to see their electric bills shoot up 37 percent this winter.
State regulators have approved a 37 percent increase for National Grid household customers that would mean an average of $33 per month more for the typical residential customer...
Court Reduces Fines Against Utilities For Storms
The state's highest court has reduced penalties imposed against two electric utilities by Massachusetts regulators for their poor responses to a pair of 2011 storms that left hundreds of thousands of customers without power for days.
The Department of Public Utilities fined National Grid $18...
Mass. Utilities Argue Against DPU Fines
The state's highest court has heard arguments from three major utilities seeking to overturn record penalties stemming from their response to two major storms in 2011.
The state Department of Public Utilities fined National Grid $18.7 million for Tropical Storm Irene and a rare October snowstorm…

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