Officials: Mayan Community Standoffish Despite Outreach Efforts
Protecting Mayan workers from frequent night-time robberies and assaults is frustrating city officials, who aren't seeing as much engagement from people within that Central American community as they had hoped. Human Relations Commission Executive Director Marcelina Pina-Christian said the commissio…
Community Leaders Agree to New Bedford Action Plan
A friendlier New Bedford is the goal of a Community Action Plan signed by local organization members Wednesday.
Mayor Jon Mitchell, representatives of the NAACP, the Puerto Rican and Latin American Culture Committee, the Human Relations Commission, and members of the faith community agreed to improve…
Mayan End of The World Spaghetti Recipe
In honor of all the hysteria and madness of the Mayan Calendar's prediction for Dec. 21, 2012, here's an end of - correction out of - the world recipe for a dish the kids (and you) will love for years to come!