Hit And Run At South Winds
Fall River Police have filed charges against two teens after a transaction involving a cell phone leads to a hit and run.
Detective J.D. Costa says a 17-year-old male from Swansea went to South Winds at 4700 North Main Street to view a cell phone that was for sale...
Senate Votes On Parole for Juveniles Serving Life Sentences
State senators on Tuesday approved a bill that would make juveniles convicted of first-degree murder eligible for parole after serving between 20 and 30 years in prison.
Amendments that would have raised the minimum threshold for parole to 35 years or to 25 years were defeated, the latter by a single…
Lawmakers Weigh Parole For Young Murder Convicts
Relatives of murder victims are among those asking a legislative committee to approve a bill that would require juveniles convicted of first-degree murder to serve at least 35 years before they can be eligible for parole.
The measure is one of several filed in response to recent rulings by the U...