Mitchell: Jobs Freeze Staying As Long As Necessary
The City of New Bedford is trying to offset mounting costs by putting a freeze on new hires.
Mayor Jon Mitchell ordered the freeze Tuesday, saying expenses the City has no control over are putting too much of a strain on New Bedford's finances...
City of New Bedford Implements Immediate Hiring Freeze
The City of New Bedford has put a freeze on hiring for the foreseeable future.
The City's Chief Financial Officer, Ari Sky, sent a memo to department heads informing them of the hiring freeze, citing excessive snow removal costs, expiring grants, and a multitude of other expenses as the cause fo…
Baker Orders State Government Hiring Freeze
Gov. Charlie Baker has ordered an immediate hiring freeze across state government as one of his first steps toward reducing a state budget deficit.
The Republican also announced on Friday _ his first full day in office _ that he has ordered cabinet secretaries to begin program-by-program reviews of a…
This Week’s Job Openings
Every Wednesday we provide the "Hot Jobs Report" on WBSM. It's a list of jobs available right now from the Greater New Bedford Career Center.

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