Fairhaven Police Cruiser T-Boned in Morning Accident
Fairhaven Police are investigating an accident involving one of their own cruisers.
Police say the 2015 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor was travelling south on Adams Street around 9am Friday morning when a 2014 Ford Fusion heading west on Bridge Street T-boned the police vehicle...
New Bedford Teenager Robbed On Her Way To School
A teenager on her way to school in New Bedford was robbed Thursday morning.
New Bedford Police say the 15-year-old girl was walking to her bus stop on Rounds Street between Union and Arnold Streets when a man stepped out of a parked van and approached the girl from behind...
Congressman Keating to Replace Stolen Purple Heart
Congressman Bill Keating is hoping to restore some of what a New Bedford family lost last week.
Thieves recently broke into the home of the Ford family, and stole several military medals, including the Purple Heart, that had been posthumously awarded to Marine Lance Corporal Michael Ford...