Facebook Can No Longer Block Profiles in Searches
Facebook users can no longer block their profiles from searches on the social network.  Facebook's chief privacy officer notified users yesterday that the company has removed a privacy setting that controlled who can look up someone's Timeline by searching their name.
Gates Again Tops List Of Wealthiest Americans
Microsoft founder Bill Gates is still raking it in.  He once again topped "Forbes" list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. He's worth a cool 72-billion dollars. 
The 57-year-old was followed by the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett in the 2013 rankings...
Could Facebook Be Going After LinkedIn?
When it comes to social media, we have many options to choose from. The majority of us have chosen Facebook to connect with people, but what about a professional network? That's where LinkedIn comes into play, but could the two professional and play networks soon become one in the same?

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