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The Price of Prom is Going Up
Get ready mom and dad, American familes are spending more this year on prom night.
A new poll done by Visa shows that families are spending an average of $1,139 dollars on the annual high school dance this year, that's up 5% from 2012...
The 5 Best Ways to Finally Get That Raise
We’ve been going through a pretty rough economy these last few years, but you’ve been working hard, so why not ask for that raise? It may or may not work, but if you do decide to ask (and you should), you should be prepared to ask for it in the right way.
Five Jobs That Need College Grads
We brought you the sad news that the job market is looking pretty grim for the current graduating college class, but if you are in one of these fields, things are looking good.
Twitter Launches New Music App
If you haven't been following along with the latest trends, then chances are you aren't on twitter. If you're not on twitter than you are missing out. The social media site that is growing day by day has finally launched its highly anticipated music app.

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