Everyone wants a job that will take care of you for the rest of your life, but what is the best paying job in our country?

The latest survey done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates an anesthesiologist makes the most money in the country. So how much do they pull in? Oh just $111.94 an hour. That adds up to be a salary of $232,830 a year. To top that off, nine of the nations highest paid positions are within the medical field.

So why are they making so much? The article points out that supply and demand is one factor, while offsetting the amount they had to pay to get educated for such a position is also a factor. Plus, anesthesiologists play a key role in keeping people safe and alive during operations.

Now that we've gone over the best paying job, what is the worst? According to the survey, a shampooer only makes around &18,000 a year. That's followed by fast food workers, who don't make much more than that.