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Walsh Sworn-In As Mayor Of Boston
Martin Walsh is officially Boston's 54th mayor, succeeding Tom Menino who held the office for 20 years.
At his swearing-in at Boston College, Wash said his priorities include addressing urban violence, creating a world-class public school system, and job creation. 
Menino Endorses Warren for U.S. Senate
Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has won the endorsement of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Menino, also a Democrat, made the endorsement Friday afternoon at a Warren rally in the city's Roslindale neighborhood.
Boston Mayor Refuses A Sandwich
It's not often that Boston Mayor Tom Menino turns down a sandwich but at the Democrtaic Convention, Menino still won't accept a Chick-fil-A sandwich.  The "Boston Herald" reports Menino recoiled when he was offered the snack Tuesday outside the Democratic convention …
Menino Talks Fish, Buys Suits In New Bedford
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell are working on a deal to sell fresh New Bedford fish in Boston's Farmers' Markets next year. During a stop in New Bedford on Friday, Menino told WBSM News, there are 28 Farmers Markets throughout the city of Boston during the s…