More than 50 people turned out Wednesday, at the Fort Tabor Community Center to review details for the Maritime Commerce Terminal Project planned for New Bedford's South End. 

Prospective Developers and interested parties also toured the site at the South Terminal.  Bill White of the Mass. Clean Energy Center tells WBSM News, the $100-million project is moving foreward, with bids expected by January 23.

tsm - map of Terminal site

But not everyone is happy with the details of the project.  State officials say all of the construction will be done by union workers. John "Buddy" Andrade of the Old Bedford Village Development Corp. says having all union jobs at the site will make it almost impossible for local minority residents to find work.  Andrade is threatening to halt the project.

Andrade says he'll set up picket lines at the site, starting on January 15, if there's no movement on the "jobs" issue.