Many of the financial issues at a Freetown non-profit that were identified in a State Auditor's report have already been corrected.  That's the word from Dr. Spencer Moore, the CEO of Crystal Springs, a school and residential facility for the developmentally disabled.  The audit identified more than $500,000 in questionable spending.

Moore says the audit was conducted over an 18 month period, and he worked with the lead auditor to make sure problems were corrected right away.

Moore says he arrived at Crystal Springs in December 2010, and all of the issues happened before his tenure.  For instance, the audit found that in 94 instances, Crystal Springs purchased equipment and services, without using a competitive bid process.

Moore says a new policy has now been adopted to have competitive bidding for any purchase in excess of $2,500.  The auditor also recommends the agency reimburse the state $71,000.  Moore says the amount is still being negotiated.