Could Super Bowl Sunday be on a Monday? Or Friday? Or Saturday?

With all the cold weather in the northeast this week, NFL officials say they have contingency plans where they could move the Super Bowl to any point between Friday, Jan. 31, and Monday, Feb. 3, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey if weather is bad.

Eric Grubman, the NFL's vice president for business operations, told Fox News, "What goes into whether deciding to (move) it, first of all, is public safety. Unless it was a state of emergency which affected public resources in a way that made it impossible to get the resources here, or any kind of declaration by any of the authorities from the states involved that made it difficult to travel safety to and from the stadium, we would absolutely respect that."

Fans attending the game will find some goodies when they arrive at their seats. They will all get a kit that includes a seat cushion, ear-muffs, a knit cap, texting-friendly gloves, hand warmers, lip balm and tissues.

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