Yipes, with all the troubles facing us in daily life, now we're being asked if we're snoring ourselves to death! Aside from the pokes and pushes my wife gives me during my nocturnal bliss, I never thought that my snoring could lead me to the promised land. So, I took the bait and clicked on the foreboding question and 'voila', there was my answer, for just $119.97 plus shipping and handling! It's all from MySnoringSolution.com

Their solution looked like something on the order of a facial jockstrap or Ace Bandage. I can just see my wife snapping away pictures of me sleeping with my nighttime chinstrap. I know Father's Day is coming soon and every year I'm asked if there's something special I'd really like. Hmmm, if my family takes the bait, I promise you color photos this summer!