Student athletes are more brawny and better built than they were a generation ago! And that means they play rougher. In a recent TIME article, parental concerns tipped the scales at 87 percent who said they were worried about concussions and other injuries in sports. Concussions are now the second most common injury in sports, and parents are caught between not cushioning the kids in bubble wrap so they don't play at all and risking a trip to the emergency room. Just recently, football players in three states have died, possibly due to football injuries.

With news like this, it stands to reason why there's been a decline in youth sports participation in the past five years, dropping five percent, and it's directly blamed on parents not giving permission for their kid to play football, basketball and soccer, especially.

The other concern most parents share is that there's far too much importance placed on winning over having fun from a team sport. Because of the emphasis placed on competition, most parents believe the kids suffer as a result and are beginning to other alternatives to occupy their kids' time, where they won't risk getting a concussion that could haunt them later in life.

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