Hernandez Had Severe CTE
The fiancee of former tight end Aaron Hernandez is suing the NFL and the Patriots on behalf of their daughter for not disclosing the link between suicidal impulses and CTE.
Aches Slowing You Down
If you're like me, you know the pain of shoulder problems. Though I don't have rotator cuff troubles, I have so many friends who do and they suffer everyday. Well, I have great news for everyone who share these common complications. If aches and pains are interfering with your quality of l…
CTE Found in Former Players
Associated Press - Researchers studying a degenerative disease in former athletes say 11 of 12 brains of deceased former NFL players tested over the past year showed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, continuing a trend they've been tracking.
Ex-Players Sue NHL Over Concussions
Ten former NHL players are suing the league over its handling of concussions.
The ex-players filed a lawsuit Monday against the NHL, saying the league either did know or should have known that repeated blows to the head can cause brain damage...
MA High Schools Reporting More Head Injuries
Massachusetts high schools reported more than 4,400 concussions and other head injuries suffered by students while playing sports during the last school year.
The injuries were reported to state public health officials by about 3,600 public and private schools...

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