The New Bedford Economic Development Council is not taking a break to mourn the loss of a casino deal in the city.

Executive Director Derek Santos says the Council will continue to look at potential uses for the Cannon Street Power Station that may have hosted a casino, and more importantly, thousands of jobs. Santos tells WBSM's Taylor Cormier while the City has no authority over the site's use, the Council won't sit on it's hands waiting for the next big thing to come along. "It's not our site to just sort of either give away or clean up. However, it is our responsibility to not be flat-footed and to be ready to spring forward. We've been doing this planning work for a number of months. We're going to continue with that," said Santos.

Santos invites residents to attend yet-to-be-announced public input meetings regarding waterfront planning and development to be hosted by the Council and consulting firm Sasaki Associates. Santos says those meetings will help determine the next best fit for the Cannon Street site.