This week, the official fast food French fry power rankings came out, and food columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson announced his choice of the best fast-food chain French fry in America.

In a moment, I want you to tell us if you agree with his findings, but first, let me tell you what we used to serve at the famous Shawmut Diner: the Potato Melt. We'd take real mashed potatoes and mix in chopped bacon, scallions, garlic powder and grated cheddar with some other spices and anything extra the customer requested. We'd form it into an inch or so high round patty that would fill the diameter of a dinner plate. We'd grill it to a perfect golden brown and serve it with more melted cheese on top with a side of brown gravy. Customers loved it, served piping hot and delicious.

Back to the best tasting French fries. And the winner is Five Guys Burgers and Fries! A distant second was McDonald's, but only if they were fresh out the fryer. Burger King came in 10th and the one I like, the waffle fries at Chic-fil-A, were left in the dust, along with Wendy's.

But it got me to thinking, who has the best tasting French fries around here? Let's include not just French fries, but those delicious round Portuguese chips, home fries, and any other potato product you wish. The only requirement is they have to be over-the-top delicious!

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