Like it or not, it will snow again in Massachusetts. Some parts of the Commonwealth receive more snow than other parts. A lot depends upon your proximity to the ocean and the storm track during the winter.

The New Bedford area tends to get slightly less snow because the ocean flow can often bring warmer air with winter storms that result in more rain than snow along the immediate coast. says, "There are a few different records suggesting when the earliest first snowfall occurred within Massachusetts, October 10, 1979, is largely credited with the earliest first snowfall in Boston in particular."

Most snow happens within the state of Massachusetts during the months of November and December.

When Massachusetts Can Expect Its First Snow
Barry Richard/Townsquare Media
loading... says December "is currently credited with the latest first snowfall in the state of Massachusetts." According to the site, "December 5, 2020, heralded the very first snowfall of the 2020 winter season, a date that isn't necessarily abnormal, but certainly still later than average."

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Remember, these statistics are Boston-centric as Boston is the state capital. It's a short distance between Boston and the Berkshires but conditions can vary from one place to another.

Who can forget the winter of 2015, when it seemed it snowed every other day?

When Massachusetts Can Expect Its First Snow
Townsquare Media

According to, "The largest annual snowfall amount happened during the 2015 season." The site says, "Roughly 108 inches fell across Massachusetts" and "25 inches fell on Boston overnight."

The winter of 1973 "totaled the smallest amount of annual snowfall in the state, with only six inches in some locations."

Forecasts for the coming winter season are all over the map, with some suggesting it could be a snowy winter and others indicating the winter could be mild.

The best advice is to prepare for anything.

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