Move over cigarettes, alcohol and asbestos. It's not new, but the World Health Organization has come out with the declaration that  bacon, hot dogs, red meat, sausage and processed meats are responsible for those cancer cells. The most recent study suggests that inflammation and cancerous tumors can be triggered through sugar molecules found in beef and pork.

So, if the WHO's recommendations are enforced, then not only is "big brother" depriving meat lovers of their favorite foods but entire industries will suffer. In America alone, almost half million jobs are connected to harvesting of pork, according to the National Pork Producer's Council. OMG, can you see it now at Fenway, the hot dog vendor wearing a disclaimer sign reading what you are about to enjoy can cause you cancer!

Though there is evidence that individuals who consume these foods are at a greater risk of developing different diseases, there is no concrete proof to show that these foods actually are the cause for the diseases. Don't you just love it? They're telling us the bacon will probably kill you, but it's not conclusive that you'll croak following your bacon with three over-light! Processed meats are filled with chemicals like N-Nitroso compounds and preservatives that aren't good for us, so why don't the makers of these products find a healthier way to preserve the meat? I mean, in the 15th century they invented mince-meat! My only other recommendation is never, ever cook bacon naked!

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