As I write this, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's attorneys are in court in Palm Beach County, Florida this morning. They are trying to get the judge to order the videotape of the alleged sex act Kraft paid for to be sealed.

The District Attorney, Jack Goldberger, has announced his intentions to release it to the public. Kraft turned down a plea agreement which would have kept the media sealed from public—allegedly. Cops tend to release these things for under-the-table compensation all the time.

As it turns out, the D.A. seems to have lied to the public about the size of the scope of the sting operation. Originally, the public was told that Kraft was simply caught up in the net when an eight-month surveillance and investigation culminated when police moved in on the Orchid of Asia Day Spa to stop a human trafficking operation.

Homeland Security has walked from the operation, by the way. Not impressed with a local police effort that stated the prostitution/sex trafficking ring stretched all the way to China, they saw no such connection and abandoned the sting soon after being invited to collaborate with Florida authorities.

Kraft's attorney has accused the Palm County sheriff, Will Snyder, of being a liar. All these weeks later and the accusations posed by Snyder and other authorities that Kraft contributed to a form of slavery with regards to international sex trafficking have been fruitless. Snyder admits he was not able to prove a thing.

But here is the question: who the bleep would want to see this 53-minute video of a 77-year-old pudgy little old man (with inexplicably horrible teeth), nude, lying on a massage table with his senior winky on the receiving end of a sex act by two grandmother-aged women?

I think I'd pay $20 to not be forced to watch it myself. Gross!

If you are waiting in anticipation to view something like this, maybe you shouldn't judge Robert Kraft so harshly and check your own streak of freak?

The facts laid out suggest that Kraft paid for an orgasm in a private setting, with consenting, older adult females.

I'm not defending prostitution; I'm pointing out that he is possibly guilty of a crime far lesser than contributing to a felonious form of slavery, which is what public authorities in Florida suggested.

Also, I hope the Patriots will pound the Dolphins 87-0 next time they're down there.

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