FALL RIVER — A Westport man is arrested after being kicked out of a party for being violent, ramming a vehicle after leaving, and then attempting to avoid arrest.

Fall River Police were called to the 300 block of Bradford Avenue around 3:15 a.m., and upon arrival, they saw two men in their mid-20s with red and swollen areas on their faces. The men told police they had arrived with a third man, 25-year-old Dana Farland of Westport, who they say was thrown out of the party a short time later for hitting on the host's girlfriend.

They further stated that Farland took out his aggression on them by yelling at them on the ride back to their car. After being told by the victims to stop, Farland allegedly began kicking the victims' car, causing dents and breaking the door handle.

After again being told to stop, Farland was said to begin punching the men. The men told police they drove away from Farland, who followed them back to their driveway, when Farland allegedly rammed the victims' vehicle as they were about to exit the car. The men then called police, and Farland fled back to Westport.

After arriving on scene, Fall River Police contacted Westport Police, who drove to Farland's residence. Following a brief struggle, he was taken into custody. Farland is charged with two counts each of vandalizing property, assault and battery, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, and a single charge each of resisting arrest and leaving the scene.

--Fall River Police

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