Wedding dresses have evolved over centuries but have managed to remain the focal point of that special day of matrimony. Seeing a bride walk down the aisle in a flowing masterpiece of white is such a magical moment, but all too often the dress lives out the rest of its life tucked away in a closet or attic.

The Westport Historical Society is looking to bring some special dresses to life but is asking for the town’s help. It’s time to dust off your grandmother’s wedding dress.

This summer, the society is looking to host a special exhibition of wedding dresses to highlight different time periods and personal stories of brides from Westport.

“We would like a variety of wedding dresses from different time periods that illustrate a diversity of styles and associated personal stories,” the society said on Facebook.

The unique exhibition will be at the Handy House from June to September under the watchful eye of the textile historian and conservator Blair Walker.

The dresses will be accompanied by the story of the people who wore them.

Did your mother, grandmother or great-grandmother get married in town? This is your chance to bring her special day back to life.

The dress will be returned at the end of the exhibition, and if you are interested in participating, here are some guidelines that the society is looking to follow.

“This connection could be as simple as the wearer of the dress lived in Westport or the person loaning the dress has a connection to Westport,” said the society.

The dress needs to be in good condition

It will be displayed for three months, with care taken to keep it protected.

Information about the wedding dress

Who wore it? Do you have photographs? The more information, the better.

Wedding dresses are too beautiful to sit in attics and closets. They still have stories to tell, so, if you are from Westport, contact the Westport Historical Society to help out.

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