Were you able to catch Thursday morning's solar eclipse?

People all across the world were left stunned by this morning's eclipse, which, in areas with less cloud coverage, was visible across the SouthCoast, albeit not with the naked eye.

As many folks learned leading up the solar eclipse in 2017, it's not safe to look at one of these phenomena without proper protective eyewear. With this in mind, a couple of Westport residents got creative this morning to safely observe the eclipse and capture some pretty spectacular photos.

Justin Laprise was at Horseneck Beach Thursday morning during the eclipse, and, with the help of a complete stranger who also happened to be at the beach, was able to view and capture the unique spectacle.

"Thank you to the wonderful stranger down at the beach who lent me her welding shield to view the eclipse this morning," Laprise shared on Facebook. "This is why I love Westport."

Courtesy of Justin Laprise
Courtesy of Justin Laprise

Laprise snapped a few photos of the view from behind the woman's welding shield, and between the wonder and otherworldliness of the eclipse and the beauty of Horseneck as the backdrop, these pictures are truly something to behold.

This pair of Westport residents weren't the only ones to capture this morning's stunning eclipse. The folks at the Brainard Marsh Sippican Lands Trust shared a stunning photo and a time lapse of the event from Delano Road in Marion on Instagram earlier this morning.

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