Anyone who owns a business knows how increasingly important it is to have fresh content hit their social media feeds weekly, monthly, and forever and ever and ever. Bonus points if that content moves people to react in a positive way.

For most businesses, this chore falls on the owner or the businesses’ social media/marketing team but at Water Wizz in Wareham, the job has been commandeered by Shari Pratt. The longtime staff member knew the world needed to see more of what the water park had to offer beyond slides and cabanas and found a fun way to share the behind-the-scenes stuff with the rest of us.

Pratt and her signature aviator sunglasses began starring in off-the-cuff videos back in 2018, much to the delight of the page’s followers. She quickly became a fan-favorite and produced more and more videos, wrangling in fellow staff members to participate along the way.

Pratt noted that she has arthritis in her ankle which makes it harder to get around the property but rather than calling it quits, she got a motorized scooter to help make the job easier.

“I just love my job so much so I got the scooter to help me get all over the park where I'm needed and I thought, ‘Gee, we could have a lot of fun with this’ so you’ll see my scooter in all the videos this year.” said Pratt.

What makes her videos even most endearing, however, is how wholesome they truly are. No one is making her do them. She isn’t out there hitting all her Insta-angles, donning the latest summer fashion, or doing any crazy TikTok dances. She’s just out there in her blue polo shirt, whistle dangling from her neck, having a good time.

“I’ve been here since day one, since we first opened, and I’m just here to have fun," she said. "Some of the things people try to bring in are wild, and our 'No, No, No' video was really what started this all. It was a fun way to let people know what they couldn’t bring in like glass and knives, and it turned into these videos.”

Pratt has become so popular online, in fact, people do a double-take when they see her at the park in real-life.

“The woman at my bank was so excited to see me in person, saying ‘Hey, you’re the Water Wizz lady!’” she said.

In 2020, Pratt put out a more somber video with no sound whatsoever marking the end of a very quiet, sad summer for the park after COVID-19 shuttered the seasonal business. The video had no words very simply because Shari literally had no words to recap the 2020 season other than the caption “Goodbye summer of 2020! You will not be missed.”

Fans of the business were delighted when Pratt reared her shark-masked head, riding a motorized scooter and holding a sign that read “No Sharks In the Pool,” marking the official return of Water Wizz.

Water Wizz co-workers say Pratt is just a great person with a great personality and that’s really all there is to it.

"She has always been the life of the party," one said.

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