A previously undisclosed meeting between presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren and federally recognized tribes is slated to take place this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma to "atone" for past Cherokee heritage claims.

Again? This will be her latest attempt in the past three years to take one's own medicine and reconcile with the roughly 40 federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma she's invited to this pow wow before hosting a town hall meeting in Oklahoma City later Sunday evening. Only a dozen of the 40 tribes have indicated they'll attend.

Isn't there anything else new under sun? She's been falling behind in the polls and I seriously doubt that this will do much other than fan more criticism for continuing to beat this dead horse.

If she's going to offer innovative assistance to the Native Americans, and this is part of a broader effort that highlights issues important to them, that's fine. But to meet again with tribal leaders over this is moonstruck. What she needs to do is some serious altering to ideas like her cracked "Medicare for All." When it comes to healthcare, she believes we can't afford doctors and hospitals and medications but somehow, someway we can afford them if a giant government bureaucracy delivers the goods. That's horse feathers!

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