The intolerant, tolerant left is at it again.

A supporter of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) plead not guilty on Monday to charges he assaulted one of Warren's political rivals during a campaign event in Great Barrington over the weekend.

According to The Berkshire Eagle, 74-year-old Paul Solovay of Hillsdale, New York was caught on video pushing a bullhorn into independent candidate Shiva Ayyadurai's mouth. Ayyadurai was treated and released from an area hospital for abrasions and swelling. The paper says Ayyadurai, an East Indian, and his backers were accusing Warren's supporters of racism.

The Warren camp says the "confrontation was wrong." So far, nothing from Warren herself.

Warren, who constantly claims to be bullied by President Trump, must denounce the attack on her opponent. She must call on her supporters and others on the left to reject violence.

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There have been many incidents of violence and harassment against opponents of the left since before the 2016 elections. We hear weekly about assaults on Trump supporters for wearing MAGA hats or Trump t-shirts.

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Violence and intimidation based on political views are quite simply un-American, and should be roundly rejected by all. Political bullying is a hate crime and should be treated as such.

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No American should fear becoming a victim of bullying or violence for simply expressing their support for a candidate or their political views. And yet it happens all too often. Suppressing someone's right to free expression is suppressing their civil rights, and is intolerable.

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