So, between June of last year and November of this year, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has done a complete about-face, not only on her fake Native American heritage, but on her feelings about now former U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions.

Sessions was invited to quit this week by President Donald Trump. Their relationship deteriorated about 10 minutes after Sessions recused himself from the fake Russian collusion investigation, which led to the appointment of Bob Mueller and the wasting of tens of millions of your tax dollars.

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Sessions also lacked the political will to follow the real criminal trail, which leads straight to the Obama mob and Clinton crime family. It really is a BFD, you know.

The Boston Herald reminds us that just 16 months ago, Sen. Warren, in a tweet tirade on June 13, 2017, insisted that, "Sessions cannot continue to serve. He should resign."

But, just yesterday, Warren was singing a different tune, insisting that Session should not have been fired and saying Trump is trying to "foam the runway" by firing Sessions.

Remember, Warren also wasn't running for president until she decided to run for president. What is it about senators from Massachusetts who tend to be for things before they are against them?

Man, Massachusetts had a chance to get rid of this toon and blew it big time. Somehow, I suspect we will live to regret it.

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