Someone whose heart may be three times too small apparently stole a pre-decorated tree from Wareham's this week, one that was meant to be dedicated to a loved one's memory.

Clearly, there was no holiday spirit inside the person who took it upon themselves to pull a decorated Christmas tree from the ground and make off with it in the night. Yet that is exactly what happened to one of the dozens of Remembrance Trees at Besse Park in Wareham.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources posted about the theft on their Facebook page and managed to be pretty light-hearted about a downright bummer.

They created a Dr. Seuss-like poem about the thievery that occurred overnight between Dec. 5 and 6, and shared photos of the hole left behind in the ground.

The Grinch had arrived as we lay all a-snooze. He tip-toed his way right past me and you! He stopped at Besse Park with its trees all aglow then slithered and slunk through the trees in a row.
He tiptoed with caution to a quiet little spot and grinched with excitement when he found what he want! 'This tree is for me and I might take three!'

Commenters quickly asked about finding the "Grinch" and whether or not there was video surveillance to help bring the thief to justice. They also expressed their feelings about the tree stealer in general.

As Jennifer Brown Burroughs put it:

It's bad enough to steal a tree, but to steal one that's meant to be in memory of someone that somebody cares about couldn't get much lower.

I think most people would wholeheartedly agree.

So, what happens now?

We reached out to the Wareham Department of Natural Resources to see if the tree would be replaced or if the hope was that the thief would have a change of heart and simply return it.

Department Director, Gary Buckminster, informed us that he believed the Town Administrator was working with Wareham Police on the matter.

So, for now, it seems Besse Park has one less Remembrance Tree thanks to a heartless holiday Grinch.

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