WAREHAM – The Wareham Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) is reminding the public to keep away from sick or disturbed wildlife after a possibly sick seal was found washed up on the beach on Monday afternoon.

In a post to the department’s official Facebook page, WDNR stated that it responded to a report of a possibly sick or injured Harp Seal on the beach. Pictures of the seal were also included in the post.

The seal was checked by the department and it did not have any visible injuries. The department says the seal appeared alert, had good hydration rings around its eyes and was vocal due to the onlookers congregating close by.

IFAW Cape Cod, the stranding response agency was notified of the harp seal and they will be monitoring its activity.

The public is also asked to not attempt to help the seal back into the water, touch, or bother them. The department is also reminding the public to not leave the seals, or any other wildlife, sandwiches meant for human consumption after peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were left at the seal’s side.

“We ask that if you come across a seal to please keep a significant distance and do not disturb them. Harp seals tend to eat sand when they become stressed and it is not good for them,” WDNR said in the Facebook post.

“Also, Sammy the seal asked that you don’t leave peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (yes, sandwiches were left) he is watching his weight, don’t attempt to wrap blankets around it or try to assist it back to the water in any way.”

Wareham Department of Natural Resources
Wareham Department of Natural Resources

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